Daily Company Cleaning

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Daily company cleaning is usually contracted cleaning 1-7 days a week. We work mainly with dry and without chemical cleaning methods.

With dry cleaning cloths and dry mops (static electricity, no chemicals) we lift of dust and dirt from furniture and flooring. When the cloth/mop is saturated we switch to clean and fresh cloths when its dirty and we take it with us and wash it so we can use it again.

Spots we remove dampen the cloth/mop with water. The moisture dissolves the stain and capillary action lifts it away the now loose dirt. 

We do not carry with us a lot of water. Water we use only where and when, it really is needed, for example an entrance where it gets considerably dirty. this means that there will always be clean with you, it takes less water and not at least, there are fewer heavy lifting moments for our team.

Chemicals are used only where they need to (for example toilet areas and other sensitive areas) in order to be truly clean. the chemicals we use are chosen based on motto of “minimum impact on the environment“

                                                          Stair Cleaning

Stair cleaning is among the toughest work step in cleaning. With our trained staff and a mop system for impregnated mops, means that we will not have to carry water and we do not mop with dirty water from the bucket, That being so, we achieve a quality cleaning service where both customers and tenants have a pleasant and clean environment to live in.