Floor care Wood

Company cleaning Bangkok Floor care on wood.
Maintaining beautiful wooden floors that can stay with us for a long time. If there is spilled water, it must be wiped dry quickly. and keep cleaning by using a soft cloth dampened with water or use a cloth moistened with a mild solution. Mop the floor regularly to help prolong the service life. The wooden floor should always be ventilated, by opening doors and windows to adjust the temperature change It helps prevent the stretching and shrinking of the wood well. 

Real wood is the material used in the construction. and decorations that have been widely used in the country since the past times until now, because real wood makes people get closer to nature. technology to make Real wood is of good quality and has a long service life. It has been developed continuously throughout the years. which is the most important technique to use in prolonging the service life and increase the efficiency of the wood as well is "drying the wood to a standard humidity level" because drying the wood is to control the moisture level in each type of wood to achieve a balance. and suitable for each type of use and in addition, wood drying results in better properties as follows:
1. Decreased warping, shrinkage and expansion of wood.
2. The deflection of the wood is reduced.
3. Reduce the problem of destruction of wood by termites, weevils and various insects.
4. Longer service life

besides baking There are other techniques that increase the durability of wood, such as the technique of 
painting around the wood pieces to maintain the moisture balance in the wood, the use of moisture-proof adhesives in the production process, etc.

Now, around the world, more and more emphasis is placed on the use of wood that has been treated and 
moisture-proofing processes in response to the trend of nature-loving.

Entrepreneurs, manufacturers and distributors of various wood products have to adjust and improve 
standards in wood production by giving more importance to wood drying. so that we all have quality real wood and can be used for a long time Therefore, when choosing wood for design and decoration, whether it is flooring, stairs, doors, etc., it is best to use wood that has undergone a controlled production process.