Linoleum floor care

Slate is a versatile stone that can be rough, polished, smooth or polished to a shine. Slate tiles can look very natural, but many of our customers complain about their boring colors, “garden path” look. In this situation, the slate is treated with a sealant that will serve to deepen the color without sacrificing the rough, layered structure of the stone.

Linoleum fitted during manufacture with an acryl ate basic protection of the surface. This is intended as a base for the various management practices that occur .In a domestic environment, the basic protection of long duration, the daily cleaning is done with as dry cleaning methods as possible.
Basic security on Linoleum can be improved when appropriate, floor wax, and if you want a high gloss so you can both on linoleum flooring make a polish treatment. 

This means that the floor scrubbed clean from dirt and old polish, then to add a sealer in two coats to seal the floor and then to add a top polish in two to four layers depending on how fast the carpet
is saturated.

Surfaces with high wear such as lobbies, corridors etc. point improvement with the same wax or polish as previously used.

The wear and tear on the linoleum with a damaged surface, it is possible to grind off the top layer of the carpet, then carpet is homogeneous and then treated the carpet with wax or polish.