The appearance of different slate can vary considerably, but the most common color is black, green or gray, but there are several interesting examples that contain red and yellow elements. It is a fine-grained, thin  layer of stone with a hardness rating 2.5-4 meaning it is
easily scratched. Slate comes from many different countries, but some of the best come from Brazil, Portugal and Wales.

Preventive maintenance

Due to the lack of calcite in composition, slate is resistant to acid. Problems can arise if it is very porous slate, as some may be , in this case , the need for a seal an absolute must.

Regular maintenance

Each stone needs a good planned maintenance schedule in place, to preserve and to delay restoration as long as possible. Daily maintenance will consist of dry and damp mopping, this should be done with a good stone soap and sometimes with just water. It is important that soap rests do not build up on the surface of the stone. If the slate is honed or polished regular maintenance will be required to maintain their appearance and remove any scratches or loss of gloss and shine.


Slate is a versatile stone that can be rough, polished, smooth or polished to a shine. Slate tiles can look very natural, but many of our customers complain about their boring colors, “garden path” look. In this situation, the slate is treated with a sealant that will serve to deepen the color without sacrificing the rough, layered structure of the stone.